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the Bowling Green Church presents

The Art of Intimate Marriage

The Art of Intimate Marriage is a three part marriage workshop done by guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Konzen of the Center For Sexuality.

Dr. Jennifer Konzen is a two-time nationally award winning sexuality researcher. God's plan for sexual intimacy in marriage is the work of a Master artist and genuine intimacy is like a beautiful masterpiece. Your marriage is going well but you want to make your sex life better and you’re looking for help on how to do that. Or perhaps sexuality in your marriage has been an area of great frustration and heartbreak. The Art of Intimate Marriage provides direction and guidance on how to get to a new place.


February 20th
The Art of Validation
~Verbal & Emotional Intimacy

March 20th
The Art of Intimate Connection
~Marital Intimacy-Friendship-Touch & Affection

April 24th
The Art of Sexual Intimacy
~No Explanation Needed

Sessions will be in person at the BGC (childcare provided) or on Zoom (please message for Zoom ID).


The sessions are laid out as follows:

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